Stakeholder Commitment

Engagement of Stakeholders - Ongoing Communication


At OTS, we strive to understand the social, economic, and environmental impacts that our corporation has on all stakeholders involved in our business activities. It is therefore a priority for OTS to become involved with stakeholders early and to be proactive in cultivation of relationships with these individuals.

We define our stakeholders as any person, organization, group or community that can be affected by our business. All shareholders, employees, contractors, and suppliers are responsible to be aware of these stakeholders and their needs. 

OTS Stakeholder Guiding Principles

OTS follows the following guiding principles to ensure that stakeholder engagement is completed to the degree to which we hold ourselves accountable.

OTS will provide accurate, reliable, and relevant information to all of our stakeholders in a timely manner.

OTS will actively seek feedback from all stakeholders to ensure social, economic, and environmental needs are being met.

OTS will involve all stakeholders, to the best of our ability, to ensure any issues and/or concerns are addressed.

Partnerships will be explored with relevant stakeholders to provide benefits to the local communities.

Safety - It’s for Life

We are proud and passionate about what we do. OTS practices and believes in safety without compromise. Safety is never an option; it is a commitment and it’s for life.